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Below are summaries of the NNECDSG's quality improvement intiatives for 2008-09. The goal of these initiatives is to accelerate the rate of improvement of clinical care by developing focused strategies targeted at high leverage areas. The documents below are working drafts that will be updated as teams at the centers gain more knowledge and begin to implement changes.

Quality Improvement Initiatives
Develop a Customized Informed Consent Document to Improve Decision Quality 1
Develop a System to Improve a Patient's Readiness for Revascularization 2
Redesign Cardiac Surgery to Reduce Neurological Injury
Reduce the Use of Red Blood Cell Transfusions
Reduce the Incidence of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy

Reduce the Incidence of Access Site Injury and Bleeding Complications

Monitor and Improve the Appropriateness of PCI
Improve the Treatment of STEMI Patients


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